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FACE THE RAIL - Empty Jars b/w I Wanna Live Cassingle


FACE THE RAIL from the Bay Area are a punk band and a great one at that. This two song Cassingle is a prelude to their new 7" coming out later this year on Broke Hatre. The A-Side entitled "Empty Jars" takes the listener from a noisey late 80's DC sound filled with aggression and speed to chorus pedal filled break that will be stuck in your head for days. The B-side is a killer cover by my all time favorite band. After just playing southern california's Bezerktown 2 fest the band plans to do some touring off of these upcoming releases. Keep an eye out for them soon. Very proud to be releasing what I believe is some of this bands best material.

A. Empty Jar
B. I Wanna Live (Ramones)

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